What’s In My Makeup? Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Foundation

What’s In My Makeup? Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Foundation

What’s In My Makeup? Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Foundation

Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Foundation  has been in my makeup bag for years. Not because of the ingredients, but because it works! It took me a while to find a foundation that was suitable for my skin-tone (light and pinkish) and gave me the coverage I needed. As you can see this bottle is quite well-worn. 

However, for years I’ve just ignored the fact that this foundation has plenty of chemicals that aren’t great for your skin and body. Which is a real shame because I love it.

Rimmel's Lasting Finish Foundation

Product Overview

I wouldn’t say it lives up to the claim that it can be worn for 25 hours, however I have never attempted to wear it that long… and any self-respecting person should remove their makeup before they sleep!  It comes off well with Nivea’s Micellar water, which you should invest in if you’re not one to remove your makeup regularly, because it’s super easy to do!

I’ve recently found that they changed their formula to have a ‘comfort serum.’ So it definitely doesn’t do a great job for oily-skinned people but, if you have dry-skin this does a pretty decent job.

What’s my makeup?

Luckily, this product is in the EWG’s Skin Deep database. But the rating is rather shocking.

On a scale from 1-10, this product is rated a 9 for toxicity concerns.

It has ingredients within it that could cause endocrine disruption (Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate) which means that they mimic natural hormones. As well, there are warnings of ingredients that could relate to cancer, organ toxicity and neurotoxicity among other hazards.

Another surprising thing is that a lot of the chemicals within this product have not been tested thoroughly; so we don’t fully understand all of the effects these can have.

I’m on the hunt for another foundation that provides the same coverage and application, but it’s extremely hard to find something. Especially when websites like Ulta.com don’t ship to Canada! Grrr. 

In the end, I’ve decided that subjecting myself to these chemicals like a guinea pig is not worth the cheap price. So I will try not to purchase another bottle of this, even though I do love how well Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Foundation works.

What are your thoughts?


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