Verdant Botanicals Natural Skincare | Review

Verdant Botanicals Natural Skincare | Review

Verdant Botanicals Natural Skincare | Review

This post contains products sent for review.

These past few months have been rough on my skin; not only the stress but the pregnancy which has made my face break out worse than when I was a teenager. Therefore skincare has been my absolute highest priority at the moment and finding products that satisfy the requirements of being natural and effective are a must! I was over the moon when Verdant Botanicals, a natural skincare brand that is based out of Quebec contacted me!

A little bit about the brand: Verdant Botanicals

Verdant Botanicals believes that skincare should be simple – not a laundry list of ingredients that you can’t pronounce! They believe in mixing old traditions with new ones (such as using tried and true ingredients like turmeric and blending them with other effective ingredients like hyaluronic acid.) *I’m not a chemist so don’t try mixing the two at home… I don’t know what would actually happen!

Better yet, they don’t test on animals and they’re 100% made in Canada!

amethyst face cream verdant botanicals

Verdant Botanicals Amethyst Face Cream $38.00 CAD

I was kindly sent three products from Verdant Botanicals to review: the Amethyst Face Cream, Dirty Mud Mask and the Sandalwood Toner Mist. Let’s start with the Amethyst Face Cream!

It’s always good to start out on the right foot, but unfortunately this product just is not something I really reached for. Although it’s packed full of amazing ingredients I did find that it was way too heavy for my skin (at least during the Spring + Summer, I have yet to try it in the Fall + Winter.) I’m not a big fan of an oily feeling moisturizer and this face cream was just a bit too much for my already very oily/combination skin.

I can see this product working really well for someone who has dry and non-acne prone skin because it really is full of some amazing ingredients.


Ingredient Safety Key

Safe Ingredient

Ingredient to use with Caution

Unsafe Ingredient

Limited Data

🌱Certified Organic

🌱 Camellia Oil. Derived from Green Tea Leaf, used as a skin-conditioning ingredient.
🌱 Jojoba Oil. Extracted from a desert shrub, used as a skin-conditioning ingredient.
🌱 Shea Butter. Extracted from a tree native to Africa, used as a moisturizing ingredient.
🌱 Maracuja (Passionfruit) Oil. Derived from passionfruit plant, used as a skin-conditioning ingredient.
Squalene (Olive Oil). Extracted from Olive Oil, used as skin-conditioning ingredient.
Sea Buckthorn Oil (CO2 Extracted). Derived from the Sea Buckthorn plant, used as an emollient.
🌱 Evening Primrose Oil. Derived from the Evening Primrose plant, used as an emollient.
Rose Damask. Used as a fragrance or astringent.
Chamomile. Used as an anti-inflammatory ingredient. Possible allergen. 
Pink Lotus. Used for fragrance and as an emoillient.
Bergamot. Used for fragrance.

** Shoutout to Chantal at Chantal’s Corner – I really liked that you put a little plant next to your organic ingredients and stole the idea! Hope you don’t mind 🙈

verdant botanicals dirty mud mask and mist
Dirty Mud Face Mask & Toner Mist

Verdant Botanicals Rose Toner Mist 💕$16.00 CAD

I had an “oh-no” moment because I thought this product was no longer available, it looks like they’ve renamed it and thank goodness because I have been loving it! Honestly, out of all three products I was sent this one was the one that I liked the most. I use it every morning after I wash my face and find that it has helped by making my skin much less problematic. The scent is a bit unique and if you are not a fan of Sandalwood (like my boyfriend) then it might not be the right one for you.


Rose Hydrosol. Rose extract used as an astringent.
Sandalwood Hydrosol. Sandalwood extract used for moisturizing.
Witch-Hazel (Alcohol-free). Used as an anti-inflammatory, astringent and antioxidant.
Glycerine. Used for moisturizing.
Rosehip Extract. Used as an antioxidant and astringent.
Lactobacillus ferment. Used for skin-conditioning.
Geranium Essential Oil. Used as a moisturizer and astringent.


Verdant Botanicals Dirty Mud Face Mask

Another product I can’t find on their website (I guess I waited too long to review, my bad!) This product was kind of hit and miss. I really liked the feel of it once it was on my skin but I didn’t notice any immediate results (nor negative results) on my skin after application. As this product has alcohol in it, I definitely wouldn’t suggest that someone with dry skin use it. It will suck the moisture out of your skin. If you’re acne-prone and have oily skin it seemed to do an okay job. Unfortunately, the Dirty Mud Mask wasn’t a holy grail product for me but it also wasn’t bad.


🌱 Aloe Leaf Juice.Used as an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic.
Alcohol. Used as an astringent.
Glycerine. Used for moisturizing and as a solvent.
🌱 Olive Fruit Oil. Used for fragrance and skin-conditioning.
Emulsifying wax. Used to stabilize product. Can be derived from petroleum or plants.
🌱 Jojoba Seed Oil. Used for skin-conditioning.
DMAE Bitartrate. Used as an anti-oxidant.
🌱 Rooibos Leaf Extract. Used as an anti-oxidant.
Hyaluronic Acid. Used as a skin-conditioning ingredient.
Activated Charcoal. Used to absorb excess oils.
🌱 Green Tea Leaf Extract. Used as a skin-conditioning ingredient.
Vitamin C Ester. A more stable form of Vitamin E, used as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.
🌱 White Willow Bark Extract. Used as an astringent.
Pomegranate Seed Extract. Used as an astringent.
Vitamin E. Used as an antioxidant.
Sunflower Seed Oil. Used for skin-conditioning.
Xanthan Gum. Used to thicken and stabilize product.
Sweet Orange Essential Oil. Fragrance ingredient.

So one out of three products I tried from Verdant Botanicals I fell in love with; the Rose Toner Mist which is fabulous for more problematic skin (plus it just feels so refreshing in the Summer to spritz it on your skin!)

I loved that this relatively small brand didn’t cheap out on packaging either; all of the products come in glass containers and bottles. The spray head on the toner was really good too (much better than the Shiseido Face Mist!) I hope that this brand is able to keep creating some great products for a while to come!

What’s your Holy Grail Skincare Product(s)?


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