My Birth Story | First Time Mummy

My Birth Story | First Time Mummy

My Birth Story | First Time Mummy

We welcomed Madison Rebecca into the world on December 4 at 8:35am, three days early! (Which is apparently somewhat uncommon for first time Mum’s.) I was hoping that she would come in November, but she obviously had other plans.

My Birth Story: When Labour Began

I think IΒ knew that she was going to come in the following few days on Friday December 1; it was the kind of instinctualΒ motherly feeling. In fact, I told my spouse that the baby was definitely going to be out before December 7.

On December 2 I began feeling cramps, similar to menstrual pain. They weren’t regular but they were happening more often – I was worried that my labour might start while at my work Christmas party that night(luckily it didn’t.) However, it was a late night and after only a few hours of sleep I woke up at 5:30am December 3 knowing that the baby was going to come – it was just a matter of when!

If there’s anything I would change about the beginning of my labour it would be trying to sleep more on December 3. I was too excited to finally get this baby out that I only had 4 hours of sleep until the morning I gave birth on December 4. (and i haven’t had much sleep since.)

So the whole morning of December 3 I dealt with some mild cramping that was starting to come more often, finally around 11:30am I decided we should head to the hospital and see what was going on. Turns out I was only 3cm dilated and they ended up sending us home.


My Birth Story: Admitted into Hospital

Nine hours later we went back to the hospital and I was 4cm – which is the minimum dilation for them to admit. The night is a bit of a blur now, but I’ll try my best to share what happened (I’m not sure when things happened in terms of the actual time.)

For the first few hours after being admitted I walked around, bounced on an exercise ball and was monitored with the fetal doppler every once in a while. Things started to progress and halfway through the night I was about 6cm dilated.

Up until this point I hadn’t taken anything for my contractions. They weren’t very fun, but they weren’t intolerable either. When they had the monitor on me to track the movement in my uterus and I remember it going up from 0-80 pretty quickly; the nurse kept asking if I needed Morphine or laughing gas but I kept denying it. For me, the pain was like the absolute worst period cramp I’ve ever had.

The baby was slowly moving her way down, but apparently not fast enough and the Doctor decided to rupture the amniotic sac. Knowing that I didn’t want to feel the pain from actual childbirth (and my expectation of an episiotomy or tearing) I opted to take the nurses advice and receive an epidural before they ruptured the membrane.

Unfortunately, when I received the epidural the dose was too high and I couldn’t feel anything from my neck down. They ended up turning it off until I could start to feel the rest of my body again. During that time my labour had slowed down and they started me on Oxytocin to try and get my uterus to contract regularly again.

My Birth Story: Active Labour

I’m not sure what time my active labour actually began, but I know that it came on pretty quickly. Eventually the epidural had worn out and when it came time to turn it back on again only half my body received the drug. Meaning the left half of my body couldn’t feel anything, but the right half was essentially natural childbirth.Β 

I was ready to start pushing the baby at 7:30am, but my doctor didn’t start until 8am. Therefore I had to stick it out and try not to push until he arrived. At around 8:15 he came in and we began.

By 8:35am there was a little baby sitting on my chest.

My contractions were long, so I was able to get quite a few good pushes out of one contraction. It made the delivery very quick, but also meant that I ended up getting a second degree tear and required stitches (but I’m much happier I didn’t have to have an episiotomy!)

Welcoming Madison Rebecca to the world!

When the nurses first set my baby on my chest I remember saying “what do I do with it?” Obviously in a delirious state from both the pain and the lack of sleep… Needless to say, I quickly caught on and realized that newborns do all of three things: eat, sleep and poop. Caring for her has been relatively easy although very tiring.

Unlike most newborns she decided that she didn’t want to sleep at all the first night and would rather suck my boobs completely dry. As of writing this, she’s eleven days old and her eating hasn’t really slowed down at all. She also likes to pull this really fun trick where you take her diaper off to change her and she decides to open the floodgates (peeing and pooing everywhere.)

It’s exciting to see how Madison is growing every day right in front of our eyes. I can’t wait to look back on this and remember how she came into the world!

If you’re a Mum, how long was your labour?


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