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The Maid you Don’t have to Pay: A Bobsweep Pet Hair Vacuum Review

The Maid you Don’t have to Pay: A Bobsweep Pet Hair Vacuum Review

The Maid you Don’t have to Pay: A Bobsweep Pet Hair Vacuum Review

With two very furry dogs (Chocolate Lab + A Husky) we have our fair share of dog hair floating around the house; in fact, if you don’t vacuum it within two days you start to get cute little tumbleweeds of Husky fur. It’s a really fun thing when you vacuum and two minutes later it doesn’t look like you’ve done it in a week. I’m pretty tired of pulling the vacuum out of the closet everyday, so I caved and bought the bObsweep Pet Hair Vacuum.

Why did I choose the Bobsweep Pethair vacuum over the roomba?!

When I think of robotic vacuum, the first thing that comes to mind is the iRobot Roomba series… and also a huge price tag.  After reading countless reviews about different robotic vacuums I ultimately decided to put my money toward the bObsweep Pet Hair because it was less than half the price and the reviews were still very good (3.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon.)

Not only that, but countless reviews said that bObsweep (a Canadian Company 🇨🇦) had amazing customer service if anything was to go wrong with the vacuum. bObsweep created the product with households in mind, not to create a nice looking piece of art that is essentially useless – no, they are committed to providing a product that is a long-lasting household appliance.

Fun Fact: The bObsweep Pet Hair has the largest dustbin of all robotic vacuum cleaners! It’s 1L and made for households with loads of fur!

The bObsweep Pet Hair Vacuum isn’t just a vacuum though – it also comes with a mop attachment. You have to lightly dampen it before using, but it works to clean paw prints off of ceramic tiles.

Purchase the bObsweep Pet Hair from for $369 CAD

b0bsweep pet hair vacuum eat the hair
Keep scrolling to see the b0bsweep in action!

What does the bObsweep Pet Hair Vacuum come with?

The bObsweep Pet Hair Vacuum comes with two sweepers (the little plastic fan that you see sticking out from underneath it,) as well as two mop cloths and the attachment, filters, a cleaning tool, screw driver, remote and some bumper stickers to help mitigate any impact on furniture when the bObsweep inevitably runs into them full-force. As well as a docking station that can be used to charge the bObsweep and schedule certain days and times that it cleans.

How does the bObsweep Pet Hair Vacuum Work?

There’s a nifty little UV light that is said to help kill germs – although I’m not sure it actually does much I always leave it on anyway. When you turn the bObsweep on, you can specify different cleaning modes.

  1. Automatic – the bObsweep automatically switches between corners, spot cleaning and different speeds as it sees fit.
  2. Corners – the bObsweep will follow walls.
  3. Spot – the bObsweep will clean in a circular motion slowly making a larger circumference. Good for spills.

To be entirely honest, the only cleaning setting I’ve ever used is Automatic. I find that the bObsweep pet hair does a good job at automatically deciding between the different settings. I have used the remote to get it out of spots that I thought that it already did. It’s super easy to do, you just pick up the remote while it’s cleaning away and just redirect it.

The bObsweep Pet Hair Vacuum doesn’t clean the way we would

When you start up the vacuum you’ll notice that it starts to go in weird directions – rest assured that eventually it does manage get to spots that it missed. At first I thought it was so stupid for turning away in some places and no, it doesn’t learn the layout of your house. So every time you start it, it’s basically starting fresh. Although I have noticed a certain method that it seems to use each time (like turning left off of the dock.)

How long does the battery last?

That’s a fantastic question! And it was my biggest worry when I purchased the bObsweep. Thinking that in 30 minutes it would only have finished half my house and then started to search for it’s dock (which can take a while, it’s not the most clever thing.)

The battery lasts for a surprisingly long 90 minutes in my house! It literally vacuums for an hour and half. But note, I do not have any carpet in my home except for one 5 x 8 area rug with a low pile. I believe that the company states the average vacuum time is 75 minutes. If you have carpeted rooms it is likely the battery will die sooner.

b0bsweep pet hair vacuum in action
Sacrificing page loading speed to give you a gif of the b0bsweep in action!

The bObsweep Pet Hair does not mean you’ll never have to vacuum or mop ever again

The bObsweep helps you to minimize the amount that you have to manually vacuum. It cannot get into small corners very well – even though the fan brush works really well. With two dogs I still have to vacuum manually at least once a week to get all the spots that the bObsweep couldn’t reach and to clean the rug a bit better.

Some downfalls of the bObsweep Pet Hair Vacuum

Inevitably, there are some drawbacks with using a robotic vacuum. For one, it is one of the larger robotic vacuums and it doesn’t fit underneath my couch very well. Actually, more often than not it does get stuck there. It spins and spins until eventually I go and free it. It seems like most of my furniture just happens to be at a height where it can get wedged in and not free itself.

I do not use the bObsweep when I’m not home for that reason.

Living in rural Ontario, my power seems to go out more often than one would expect. Even just for a minute. bObsweep claims that the charging station can hold a charge for up to 8 hours before it dies; this is not the case. Every time my power has gone out even for a short while the charging station also died – so I reset the schedule and the clock but after the third or fourth time I gave up and just manually start the bObsweep (not a deal breaker for me.)

Therefore, I don’t really know how well the scheduling works.

If you have a house that’s more carpet than hard surface I would pass on the bObsweep, or any robotic vacuum in that case. They just don’t have the power to properly clean carpeted areas. Plus, it makes their battery die much faster.

Avoid a robotic vacuum if you have a house with minimal hard surface flooring

The bObsweep is pretty dumb when it comes to finding its charging station – it always does, it just takes a really long time. There’s been times where the bObsweep is right beside the charging station but ends up going in the wrong direction trying to find it. I’ve never had it die before finding its charging station… but the signal must be pretty weak for it to have such a hard time finding it.

I must admit that a couple times I was getting so annoyed with the beeping that I picked it up and put the bObsweep in front of the charging station manually!

b0bsweep pet hair vacuum the maid you don't have to pay

Overall thoughts about the bObsweep Pet Hair Vacuum

All-in-all I do love the bObsweep Pet Hair Vacuum because it does save me from vacuuming multiple times a week (that tumbleweed of fur formed in two days without vacuuming!) Although it has some drawbacks, they aren’t enough to really annoy me that much. I think it does a fantastic job at cleaning my floors and every time I empty it after a 90 minute run the dustbin is filled to the brim.

Plus, I paid a fraction of the price for a vacuum that I think works just as well as a Roomba (based on seeing some other Roomba’s in action.)

If you’re tired of vacuuming (even if you don’t have pets!!!) I highly recommend investing in a robotic vacuum because they are such a relief to have. You can be as messy as you want in the kitchen and it will happily suck up any crumbs.

Purchase the bObsweep Pet Hair Vacuum from for $289 USD

What Vacuum do you use?

*This post contains affiliate links. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

  • I don´t have dogs, but I bet I loose more hair than your husky, so Mr. Loca gifted me a Roomba for Christmas two years ago. I was furious, how dare he gift me a vacuum, but I wouldn´t want to be without it any more. Especially at the end of pregnancy I was very grateful for just pressing a button instead of doing the heavy vacuuming myself several times a week.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • Haha, yes… I have found a lot of my hair wrapped around the bristle bar! Right? Robotic vacuums are an AMAZING invention!

  • I actually have a Roomba that I purchased years ago to help control the tumbleweeds my cats seem to produce around the clock. I think mine was actually around the same price, but I did buy an earlier model for that year. Once you get over the quirks (seeing the Roomba constantly bump into the same leg chair was facepalm inducing, but what are you gonna do) it’s definitely a lifesaver for helping keep the home clean during the weekdays!

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

  • I Swiffer vacuum 2-3 times a week and deep clean the whole bloody home very weekend; winded, dust, vacuum, mop, the whole nine yard. I want a Roomba but can’t quite justify the price tag for now…maybe when we have a dog next year? Fingers and toes crossed!

    Shireen⎜Reflection of SanityBurberry Beauty Giveaway

    • Oh boy, all that work would drive me crazy. But unavoidable when you have a little one running around!

  • Kay (shoesandglitter)

    I have always been tempted to try out one of these little things, they are so funky! We have one at the office and it does seem pretty effective, even though its AI leaves a lot to be desired, lol. it still seems pretty handy despite its flaws, and I hate vacuuming so I could definitely use it! Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts, hun. xoxo


    • It is super handy, especially because you can run it everyday and it ends up catching a fair amount! I always thought they were excessive… but now that I own one I wouldn’t go back!

  • I actually purchased a Roomba before but returned it within days because it ended up breaking, then when I got a replacement it didn’t do a good job at cleaning well and that thing isn’t cheap so I decided it wasn’t for me and back to the store it goes. I would like to try this one out as it’s at a more affordable price…I don’t have pets, however I shed like one so I guess I’m my own pet lol.


    • Oh really? That’s too bad! When this is bopping around the house I didn’t think that it was doing much until I looked in the dustbin and saw how packed full of dog hair it is! Trust me, I’ve found lots of mine as well LOL. I didn’t want to splurge on the Roomba either because I was scared it might not work as well as I wanted too.

  • I don’t have a roomba or a place large enough to justify purchasing one, but when I do I’ll be sure to look into the bobsweep! I had no idea that these types of cleansers were sooo ridiculously expensive XD

    Mili | sharmtoaster

  • SamanthaSeries

    Looks amazing, loved seeing it in action on your instagram stories! My friend has one of these, and it’s so mesmerizing to watch, can just sit there and stare at it go for like 20 mins 😛

  • It looks amazing. I will probably get one!
    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

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