Holistic Beauty Expo | Event Recap

Holistic Beauty Expo | Event Recap

On May 12, 2017 I had the amazing opportunity to attend the first Holistic Beauty Expo held in Toronto and hosted by Andrea Ashley.

holistic beauty expo

The Holistic Beauty expo is described as:

taking “Beauty” to a new level, where judgement and vanity does not exist; The empowering and inspiring of self love and self care while bringing awareness to holistic skin care options
to nourish and cultivate true beauty within each beautiful being. – Holistic Beauty Expo.com

There were natural cosmetic, skincare and general healthy living brands. The event featured a walking facial where you could walk around and enjoy some pampering in good company where everyone shares the same values. I arrived about 20 minutes late thanks to VIA rail having weird arrival times, but I did get there in time to take part in meditation before we explored the space and the vendors. Mindfulness is a practice that I’ve been trying to incorporate in my daily life although it’s been rather hard, I love that it was included and it really allowed us to get into the mood – if you will.

The Vendors

I completely forgot to take pictures of some of the vendors and I was not able to speak to a few, but I’ll give you a rundown on my favourites!

Cocoon Apothecary

Long before the green beauty movement became popular, Jessica was inspired to begin a green beauty line after learning first hand how harmful synthetic chemicals could be. They feature skincare products for men and women. I was able to test out a couple products at the Cocoon Apothecary stand – and the collection that stood out to me most were the Touchy Feely collection (rosemary & lavender scented!) as well as their facial creams which do not have comedogenic coconut oil in the ingredients.

Cocoon Apothecary also just released an SPF 30 sun protector aptly named “reflector.” Which is unscented and will not leave you with a white-cast on your skin after application.

R Devine Skincare

R Devine was created by Rachel Devine and features all natural plant-based skincare products. Her products are used in the Spa at the Marriott Fallsview hotel in Niagara.

R Devine Skincare

Clean Kiss Organics

Clean Kiss Organics was created by Jodie Pappas after trying to find skincare that is healthy to put on your body. Her deodorant has won awards for it’s effectiveness, and she offers a money back guarantee that it will work for you – after trying to find effective natural deodorants with little to no luck this guarantee is a real winner for me! Plus the products smell sweet and delicious.

Clean Kiss Organics

Uniquely Pure 

The thing that stood out to me most about Uniquely pure are the delicious soya wax candles! They smell like heaven and I definitely need to pick up a few of them to naturally scent my home and create some lovely ambiance. Uniquely Pure also has lots of skincare and aromatherapy products.

Uniquely Pure


Boosh is an all-natural lipstick line which is tinted with natural ingredients, you won’t find any nasty synthetic chemicals here! Their lipstick is super hydrating (I was able to test out a couple at their booth) and definitely has some great wear-power to it. My personal favourite colour was Bobbie.

Zaya Eco Skincare

Zaya eco skincare features essential oil blends that you can add into your skincare routine including an eye oil and face oil. Such is the theme of the expo, they use only natural ingredients and their products radiate luxury without compromise.

UPDATE: As of 2018 Zaya is no longer in business.

Province Apothecary

Province Apothecary is a gorgeous skincare line created by Julie Clark after battling with sensitive skin and eczema. Province Apothecary is focused on skincare oils and blends that is safe for sensitive skin and still effective. Their packaging is stunning.

Province Apothecary

All the women we spoke to were genuine, friendly and most importantly held the same values as myself. It was refreshing to be in good company where your choices to be natural and green are completely understood. I was blown away by their generosity after opening up the gift bag when I arrived back home.

holistic beauty expo goodies

I can’t thank Andrea Ashley enough for hosting this wonderful event and I hope that I’ll be able to attend next year and watch it grow!

Have you heard of any of these brands before?

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