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Holiday Handbag Essentials Featuring Tangle Teezer Review

Holiday Handbag Essentials Featuring Tangle Teezer Review

Holiday Handbag Essentials Featuring Tangle Teezer Review

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If your family is anything like mine and my boyfriend’s – then I’m sure the next few weeks are going to be busy. Filled with Christmas dinners and visits. Of course, I’m not complaining because it’s great to spend time with family and eat lots of yummy food. However, it’s hard to look good when you’re running around everywhere and you’re far from home. That’s why handbags are the key – keeping all those little bits and pieces that you’ll need to touch up on the go.

Holiday Hangbag Essentials Featuring a Tangle Teezer Review


Today I’m going to share my must-have items in my purse on these busy and chilly winter days. Because I’m one of those people who seems to carry absolutely everything you’ll ever need in my bag. So let’s begin, in no particular order!

Hand Lotion

Our weather is cold and pretty miserable (if you ask me.) As much as I love the look of fresh sparkly, untouched snow I just absolutely hate the cold. Mainly because my body has no circulation. Also, with winter and the cold comes very dry weather and dry skin. With a lack of humidity, your skin’s moisture is just sucked away. My favourite hand lotion right now is the Caprina Organics Goat’s Milk hand lotion. This is an absolute must.

Roll-On Perfume

It’s easy to forget to put on perfume in the morning. If your family is full of huggers, then having a roll-on perfume or travel-sized perfume is a good idea. When you get a lot of people in one room, it can get quite hot and sweaty… Depending on how well your deodorant works then this could be a total lifesaver! I currently have the Pacifica Ruby Guava Perfume in my handbag.

Hair Elastics

Sometimes your hair doesn’t co-operate. And if your hair is anything like mine, then it’s more often than not. Having a few spare of elastics is great for taming a static-filled mess (or being the hero if someone else needs one!)

holiday handbag essentials with tangle teezer

LuLu Guiness Compact Hair Styler

This limited edition compact styler from Tangle Teezer and LuLu Guiness is such a lifesaver! Especially on a windy day or a long car ride, a touch up can be well-needed. This handy little brush features two different length bristles and a carrying cover to protect the bristles in your purse! So smart. The long teeth detangle and the shorter ones help to make your hair super smooth, soft and touchable. This adorable little brush is so useful and travel friendly.

Speaking from the experience of having horribly knotted hair (I’ve broken a few hair brushes in my time!) This little guy works amazingly well to detangle my fine, ginger hair. In fact, my boyfriend has stolen this from me a few times because he loves the way it makes his hair feel! If it wasn’t covered in lips, I’m sure he would have stolen it from me already.

Lipstick + Lip Balm

Dry lips are a serious pain – and winter does nothing to help their cause! If you’re a constant lipstick-wearer (like myself) then you’ll know how important applying Lip Balm routinely is. I love Burt’s Bees and use it constantly. I’m still ridiculously proud of myself for that, not gonna lie.

Whether your favourite lipstick be a statement red, like the coveted Rimmel 107 or a nude lippy, you’ll definitely need to touch it up after a big family dinner!

Blotting Papers + Setting Powder

If you’re lucky enough to not suffer from oily skin, then you can probably skip this. But if not, then this will be your next best friend. I think the products speak for themselves, after a few hours of wearing your makeup it might be a good idea to check in the mirror to see if you need some touching up.

Spare Pen

For writing and signing Christmas/ Holiday cards, duh!

holiday handbag essentials with tangle teezer

Advil/ Ibuprofen

After a few drinks or a few hours of hearing children scream, your head might be aching. It’s always good to have a few of these on hand to make it through a particularly rough day.

Compact Mirror

Touching up in the car or if someone’s in the washroom and you’re afraid you might have something stuck in your teeth! You never know.

Mints + Gum

After eating dinner or drinking a coffee, this is a total must! There’s nothing worse than being the person with bad breath.

Spare Pair of Mittens

Baby, it’s cold outside! I don’t ever want to be caught without an extra pair of mittens. If you have an impromptu snowball fight and one pair gets wet, you need to have that backup pair! Or if you’re just a forgetful person who tends to lose things… a backup never hurts.

Hopefully this little list of my handbag essentials helps you! There’s really nothing worse than being somewhere and realizing that you forgot to bring something very important. These are definitely my most important picks.

What are your handbag essentials?

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