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Green Beauty Favourites 2018 | Year in Review

Green Beauty Favourites 2018 | Year in Review

Green Beauty Favourites 2018 | Year in Review

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At the risk of sounding like a broken record, can we just take a minute to think about 2018? 2018 was one of the most challenging years for me, but also the most rewarding-I’m sure most new mothers completely agree with that sentiment.

This year I tested a lot more green and clean beauty brands and I am excited to share my Green Beauty Favourites for 2018!

What’s on the top shelf for the end of 2018?

Top Green Beauty Foundation:

For the first three months of 2018 I didn’t wear much makeup at all. Such is life with a newborn. Therefore I have been leaning toward more sheer-medium coverage products; like the Living Nature Tinted Moisturizer...which was okay, but not a favourite.

Like my Green beauty Favourites 2017, the Fitglow Vita Active Foundation is still top of the list for me.

Top Green Beauty Setting Powder:

I’ve only tried one new setting powder this year, the Nude by Nature Translucent Setting Powder. I do love the product but wish the packaging was a little bit more compact and eco-friendly. I love that it is easily accessible through Shopper’s Drug Mart here in Canada. The price point is not overly high either.

Top Green Beauty Concealer:

Concealer is something I have put to the wayside for most of 2018. However, I did add the Pure Anada Concealer into my makeup routine. It’s good for covering under eye circles and redness but I would avoid using it on pimples. It only lasts for about six hours before I notice fading.

In all honesty, I don’t think I have a top shelf concealer for 2018.

Top Green Beauty Brow Product:

I have been powering through the W3ll People Brow powder (which I still love) with no end in sight. At the Mndfl Beauty event I was given the Plume Brow Pomade in Autumn Sunset and have fallen head over heels with the formulation and colouring. Therefore it has definitely become my 2018 favourite.

Review will be coming in 2019 😉

Green beauty Favourites 2018

Top Green Beauty Mascara:

This year I tried the Fitglow Goodlash Mascara, the Living Nature Mascara and the Elate Cosmetics mascara. The latter being my favourite of the year. However, I still love the formulation (and price) of the Pure Anada mascara which was my favourite pick for 2017.

Therefore for price point I would still choose the Pure Anada mascara. For sustainability, I would choose Elate Cosmetics mascara.

Top Green Beauty Eyeshadow:

This year I bought one eyeshadow palette: the Aether Beauty eyeshadow palette. Beautifully formulated with sustainability in mind. The only thing I hate is how high the price is for Canadians. Otherwise this is my absolute favourite for 2018.

Top Green Beauty Blush:

Pure Anada has the most affordable and pigmented natural makeup. Hands down. The blush in “tender twig” is absolutely stunning and amazingly pigmented. I would highly recommend this along with their mascara to anyone looking into green beauty.

Top Green Beauty Lipstick:

My reigning favourite with lipstick has to be Bite Beauty. This year I added a lot of Bite Beauty lipsticks into my collection. My current favourite shade is Chai-it seems to go with absolutely everything.

Top Green Beauty Brand:

This year I tried so many products from so many different brands I think it is hard to choose just one that I am in love with. Last year I chose Pure Anada (and I still would, to be honest.) But I think that Aether Beauty is the brand to watch for 2019. Their ethos is exactly what I look for in a beauty brand; natural makeup that is sustainable.

I know that they will be launching a new eyeshadow palette soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

What are your top picks for 2018? 

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