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Eco-Friendly Baby Registry Must-Haves!

Eco-Friendly Baby Registry Must-Haves!

This post contains affiliate links.

I’m going to be straight-up with you – as a first time Mother I haven’t got a clue what you really need with a newborn baby. Although I’ve read through a ton of blog posts from Pinterest and Youtube videos it seems like every Mother suggests something different and it leaves you drowning in options for creating your baby registry.

After all this research though, I have seen some things repeated and therefore I’ve created my registry based on the most-popular newborn necessities. Today I’m going to share what I think those necessities are and what I’ve included on my own Baby Registry.

What’s on my Eco-Friendly Baby Registry?

As the name suggests, I’m opting for a more green/environmentally-friendly approach to my baby registry. Why? Because I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of products made for children which are full of plastics and chemicals which just end up filling our landfills. Let alone the effects that those toxins will have on our children for years to come!

Who did I register with?

For my eco-friendly baby registry I opted to make it on (no, not sponsored!) which is a website where you can pretty much add any retailer links to create the registry. I did this instead of Toys R Us as I found their baby options very limited; they don’t have a lot of options for more green/eco-friendly baby products.



4-in-1 Crib

We were lucky enough to have my Boyfriend’s Step-Mum purchase a 4-in-1 crib for us. Although I was hoping to get one used, I can’t really complain about getting one that is brand new! (I try not to be a spoiled brat, I swear!)

The 4-in-1 crib will be good because it means that we can re-purpose it throughout our daughter’s life. From infancy, toddler-hood and even into her childhood/teenage years. A 4-in-1 crib is a great option if you want to minimize your environmental impact sheerly for it’s flexibility in all those lifestages.

If she had not bought us a brand new crib, I would have opted to check out Kijiji for a used-crib option instead. The benefits to buying used are that most of the VOC’s (if any) have likely off-gassed already. Although you do have to be careful and ensure that you get one which is still safe and stable.

lullaby earth super lightweight mattress

The Lullaby Earth mattress is made without the use of flame retardants which are common in most generic-brand mattresses. The problem with flame retardant chemicals is not only the VOC’s that it can off-gas but also the toxic results of a child spending a lot of their time there – flame retardants have been found to be linked to endocrine disruption and children are more at risk of getting these toxins because every baby product has some form of flame retardant unless you go out of your way to avoid them! 

Kushies OrgAnic Fitted Crib Sheets

Not only are these made in Canada (woo!) but they are 100% organic and the company strives on creating products that are environmentally-friendly and socially responsible. They are a quality over quantity manufacturer.

Perlimpinpin Muslin Swaddles + Blankets

Another Canadian brand, Perlimpinpin creates 100% cotton swaddles. They were founded in Quebec and place their focus on creating quality children’s care products and clothing.



Nuna Sena Playard

This doubles as sleeping and travel because it’s a portable bed for baby – the reason we wanted one of these is so our little one can sleep in our room until I deem it safe enough for her to sleep in her own crib. Nuna is one the most environmentally-friendly baby brands when it comes to travel gear.

They have a solar powered manufacturing facility which recycles left over plastics and use OEKO-Tex certified fabrics while still conforming to European, Canadian and US safety standards.

update: i ended up purchasing this and i’m super impressed with how easy it is to set up and move around 🙌 100% stand behind this choice.

Uppababy infant car seat Mesa Henry

The first car seat to be completely flame-retardant without the use of chemical flame retardants! 🙌 I searched high and low for a car seat that wasn’t full of nasty toxins and this seemed to be the best bet. The price is reflective as it is made with wool. So if you are on a Budget I also recommend Britax car seats as they are the next best thing.

update: i ended up purchasing this and again, I’m very impressed with my choice. apparently it is the most in-demand car seat and they can be hard to come by – so if you want it, make sure to get it when you can! (there will be a post on this in the nearish future… after baby is born!)

UppaBaby Cruz Stroller

Compatible with the UppaBaby Mesa Henry car seat, this allows for a click-and-go option. The last thing I want to do is wake up a sleeping baby to put her in the stroller when I go to get groceries. (If you go with Britax, they have co-ordinating strollers as well.)

update: i purchased this as well 🙈 (what’s the point in a baby registry, eh?) the leather handles are ah-mazing (my boyfriend’s favourite part…) and the stroller is seamless. it comes with a toddler seat, bug net and rain cover and it is compatible for clicking in the car seat. it was hella easy to set up and fold-down for on-the-go.

Britax Marathon Click-Tight Car Seat in Verve

Once baby grows out of the UppaBaby infant car seat, we’ll need a bigger one. Therefore I’ve opted for the Britax Marathon Car Seat as it was the next best almost non-toxic option (though not entirely toxin free.)

Baby K’Tan Natural Organic Cotton Carrier

A sling, wrap and carrier all in one and made out of Organic Cotton. Unlike normal wraps where you have to fiddle around with ensuring the baby is safely secured, this doesn’t have any of those finicky details. It also has support for your back and shoulders to ensure that the weight is evenly dispersed. Good up to 35 lbs.

A percentage of purchases of the Baby K’Tan Carrier go toward the American Heart Association and the National Down Syndrome Society.


Instead of picking out clothes I want people to buy for our child, I’ve asked that they purchase pre-loved baby clothes. Not only is it more inexpensive but it limits the environmental impact. After all, babies only wear clothes for so long until they grow out of them. There’s no reason to spend a fortune on brand-new clothes.

The best places to get pre-loved clothes are Value Village and local Thrift Shops.


I’m pretty insistent on cloth diapering my child; but every baby is different and therefore I’m not sure what type of cloth diaper will work best for ours until the day comes and we learn from trial and error. One thing I know is that I don’t want people to purchase any disposable diapers for us (although I have already received a bunch, and I’m thankful but I want to avoid using them!)

There’s so many different types of cloth diapers that I will have to do another post on the options and styles; after hours of painstaking research!

Kushies Wet Bags

A must-have with cloth diapers; to hold them if you’re on the go and need to change the babies diaper or even for use at home to place the rinsed off diapers until washing days (which should be every few days at the most!)

Bamboo Wipes

Gotta clean off that stinky bum somehow! You can purchase disposable wipes, but they’re not eco-friendly. Bamboo wipes are reusable and with a home-made cleaning spray you can easily clean off the baby-butt (from what I’ve heard!)

Aleva Naturals Bamboo Wipes

A more natural option for wiping babies butt if you don’t want to deal with using re-useable wipes and your own cleaning spray. I added these for on-the-go usage, just in case!

eco friendly baby registry diapering and feeding


Medela Free-Style Breast Pump

One of the most well-known breast pumps on the market. No, it’s not eco-friendly but breast feeding is much more natural option in general. I chose this after reading countless reviews and hearing from other Mum’s that it is one of the best (if not the best!)

Glass Baby Bottles

Again, every baby is totally different and they can be super picky about what bottles and nipples they prefer. So I want a range of different glass bottle options. I opted for glass as a more environmentally-friendly option compared to silicon or plastic bottles. (I’ll just have to make sure our kid doesn’t go and throw things all the time!)

Milkies Milk-Savers

I’ve heard that breast milk is precious and in the case that I want to catch a few winks and have someone else feed the baby I’ll have to have all that milk saved up! After reading a few posts mentioning these, they seem like a holy grail product! (Again, not really eco-friendly, but the breast feeding is!)


Bath Thermometer

I’m a worry-wart. I’m sure that when I have this child I’m going to be the most anxious mother in the world and to help combat that I want to make sure that I have tools to help ease my mind. This is one of them! No, not eco-friendly or maybe not even necessary – but it will give me peace of mind that my baby won’t be too cold or too hot!

Bamboo Washcloths

This was on my list, but I did end up receiving a lot of cotton wash cloths at my first surprise baby shower held by my co-workers. Therefore I’m set with what I have, but would have liked these as more environmentally-friendly option!

Lulujo Turkish Towels

Inspired to add to my registry after reading countless posts about how amazing turkish towels were for drying and swaddling baby after bath time I decided to add. They are made from 100% cotton and super versatile even after the infancy stage.


Health & Safety

Nose Frida Snot Sucker

Not an eco-friendly product, but I’ve seen many Mother’s saying this was super important for their little ones! It sounds horrendous… but you gotta do what you gotta do!

Air Humidifer

Especially important if you’re going to be having a baby in the cool weather when you’ll be heating your home. Furnaces have a tendency to make indoor air really dry and it can be hard to babies to breathe. (Based on what I’ve read!)

Owlet Baby Monitor

Remember when I said I was a worry-wart? This is one of those products that probably isn’t necessary but more of a peace of mind. A regular baby monitor is suitable for most Mother’s… if they aren’t crazy. (And in all honesty I have received a baby monitor already… but I still want this!)


Apparently it’s important to check your babies temperature relatively frequently to ensure that they’re doing okay; we have received a forehead thermometer from my surprise baby shower though I didn’t really have a preference on what type. (Not environmentally-friendly, just a necessary item!)

a lot of these products are available from (which is like my favourite website ever.) make sure to use ebates and earn cash back on purchases that you make! 💰

That sums up my eco-friendly baby registry list! As I said though, I’ve yet to have my child and this is entirely based off of the numerous things I’ve read when it comes to creating a baby registry. But I think it covers most the bases for expecting Mum’s to be!

I really hope that it helps!

If you’re a Mum, what was your Holy Grail Baby Product?

Curious about how my pregnancy is going so far? make sure to check out my post on the first trimester and the second trimester!

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