10 Unexpected Things to Expect as a New Parent

It seems when you’re expecting a child people are quick to tell you that you’re probably going to be a zombie from lack of sleep for a few months (which is totally true, unless you have an angelic baby that sleeps throughout the night at two weeks!) But they fail to tell you a number of other things to expect as a new parent…

Crunchy Mom | What is it…am I one?

I’ve seen this term floating around on a few different mommy blogger social media pages; the Crunchy Mom. Now, before taking any interest in anything baby related (because let’s be real, if you don’t have a baby you probably don’t give a rats ass about baby related content) I had no idea this term even existed.

My Birth Story | First Time Mummy

We welcomed Madison Rebecca into the world on December 4 at 8:35am, three days early! (Which is apparently somewhat uncommon for first time Mum’s.) I was hoping that she would come in November, but she obviously had other plans.