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My Mission to Create A Budget-Friendly Maternity Wardrobe

My Mission to Create A Budget-Friendly Maternity Wardrobe

My Mission to Create A Budget-Friendly Maternity Wardrobe

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Building a maternity wardrobe can get hella costly especially if you’re someone who never wants to pay full price for anything. After working in retail I’ve realized the true cost of products and I just can’t bring myself to buy something that isn’t on sale (unless I really need it.) So I did a lot of research on finding some items for my maternity wear on a budget – and ethical/sustainably!

Finding Maternity Clothes on a Budget

Where I live maternity stores don’t seem to exist! When I first started stretching my pants I didn’t know where to go to get something that would fit me more comfortably. I searched high and low only to find that the nearest place to sell maternity clothes was Old Navy – and they were closing their maternity section to have it all sold online!

I was able to find a couple pieces of clothing; the first thing I added to my maternity wardrobe was a pair of grey leggings and a patterned dress… both full price. (I was getting desperate, okay!)

Psst! Check out my post on creating a capsule maternity wardrobe!

The search continued…

My Boyfriend and I went on a little road trip to the nearest real city and attempted to go to Motherhood Maternity hoping to find just a couple pieces I could use to extend my wardrobe. Turns out the Motherhood Maternity store was closed. What the heck, man!? I guess the world doesn’t want pregnant women to wear clothes!

In another desperate attempt we went to H&M and I was able to find a long sleeved shirt (full price) and a tank top (sale!) At least I had four items to try and play around with as my belly grew exponentially.

I was also lucky enough to be gifted a pair of black maternity capris and a white maternity tank top from my Boyfriend’s sister – and she paid full price for them. I can’t thank her enough because to be honest I’d be way too cheap to do that myself.


That wasn’t really how I wanted my search for the ultimate sustainable, ethical and budget maternity wardrobe to start!

Desperation was getting the best of me, let me tell you!

Along came Boob Maternity

Boob Maternity is a sustainable clothing brand made for mums-to-be and new mums! Their clothing is OEKO-TEX standard 100 (no harmful chemicals,) made from organic materials like cotton and lyocell. They also offer extra use for after maternity by having a little boob flap of sorts made for nursing. I know what you’re thinking though… a sustainable clothing brand… that can’t be cheap!

It’s not.

The long sleeved shirts I bought were on sale from for about half price; I bought the Boob Simone Long Sleeve Top with Organic Cotton and the Boob Long Sleeved Top with Organic Cotton. After the sale they were both around the $50 price range… 

Yes, they’re pricey! But I’d say they were well worth it. No, I’m never going to buy anything from Boob Maternity that isn’t on sale but I can definitely see myself buying more things from their sale page… if I end up needing anything.

Pssst! The Sale page has better prices on a selection of their products than the Boob Maternity website! 

Trying to find second hand shops where I live was impossible!

After our journey to the next biggest city, I decided to try looking at our local Value Village. Turns out that their maternity section consisted mainly of size medium and up – for a relatively small person I couldn’t find anything to fit me.

Then I found a small second hand baby store which also had a small selection of maternity clothes at reasonable prices, but again – nothing was my size! Either too large or too long.

I contemplated just wearing a toga for the rest of my pregnancy… 

Soooooo… the whole maternity budget thing wasn’t going as well as I planned. But alas, I finally found a website that was budget-friendly!

Happily Ever After Maternity

Happily Ever After Maternity is a store based out of Petawawa, Ontario that sells pre-loved maternity clothing. The owner, Nancy provides a really in-depth write up on the clothes that she sells and if there’s anything wrong with them (like a rip or flaw) she includes in the photo so that you know what you’re buying.

I was able to find 8 articles of clothing for a total of $93 (tax free!) Whereas at a maternity retailer you’ll pay nearly $100 for two items of clothing.


Placing an online order for clothes is always a difficult process for me, but I was sincerely hoping that I would have just a little luck and the clothes would fit. I took my measurements and hoped for the best.

All in all, I’m very happy with the service that Nancy provided! She was quick to respond to any questions and very understanding. Although there were a few minor hiccups she was more than willing to help.

I finally fulfilled creating my budget maternity wardrobe!

Although I did end up spending more on a few items in the beginning while I was desperately searching for better options I didn’t give up entirely – and I’m super glad that I didn’t.

Not only was I able to find an awesome sustainable clothing brand, but also a very cost-friendly and still more environmentally-friendly option with Happily Ever After Maternity.

In short, if you’re on the hunt to create a more sustainable/budget friendly maternity wardrobe a great place to start is by finding pre-loved and second hand stores. You can find some really amazing items for less than half the cost of buying them new from a large retailer. It’s also a much more environmentally-friendly way to go – seeing as you’re only going to be using most of those clothes for just a few months!

Do you hate shopping for clothes as much as me?!

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