Battle of the Pits | Crystal Natural Deodorant

Battle of the Pits | Crystal Natural Deodorant

Battle of the Pits | Crystal Natural Deodorant

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Continuing on with the “Battle Of The Pits” series, today is all about the Crystal Natural Deodorant.  After spending more than two minutes in the deodorant aisle at the drugstore I found out that they do carry natural alternatives! So make sure to take a couple minutes to really look around next time you visit. You might be pleasantly surprised!

In no particular order, here are the other deodorants discussed for the “Battle Of The Pits” series:

  • Nivea Pure & Natural Deodorant (Review here)
  • Tom’s Natural Deodorant
  • Crystal Natural Deodorant Rock
  • Penny Lane Deodorant Spray (Review here)


Crystal Natural Deodorant Stick ($8.79 CAD)

My doubts were exceptionally high when I first picked this up at the drugstore – and therefore I bought a back-up (Tom’s deodorant.) How could a simple “rock” work as a deodorant?


The Crystal Natural Deodorant contains No Aluminum Chlorohydrate, No Aluminum Zirconium, No Phthataltes and No Parabens.

It’s made from “Natural Mineral Salts” (Potassium Alum) which has very limited data on the EWG Skindeep website, but may be less toxic for your body than the aforementioned ingredients that this does not contain. It’s endorsed by Cancer treatment centers and safe for the environment.

How do you use it?

Interestingly, to use it you have to “moisten” the rock (I quickly dip it under the tap) and then apply. The neat thing about this product is that it will last for about a year. Although they also sell a travel-size version which is good for approximately six months.

What do I think?

It works surprisingly well. Out of all the natural deodorants I have tried, this one has definitely been the most successful. However, I use it in combination with the Penny Lane deodorant spray in order to really amp up the coverage. An unscented product just isn’t enough for me. I find that some natural deodorants can make you feel sweaty after application. It dries quickly without a wet feel in your underarms.



I’ve read multiple reviews online stating that after a few months the rock started to smell of sweat and then was not as effective anymore. I’ve only been using it for about 2 months and I did notice that after a couple uses the rock wasn’t smelling too great.

In order to avoid a smelly rock it’s important to store it upside down. Once you moisten the rock, the water will end up dripping down to the bottom of it – eating away at the rock and causing a bad smell. As well, I like to rinse it after I use it, which will cause the life of the rock to be shortened but really helps in reducing the salty-pit smell.

Other than those minor problems I’ve found this product in conjunction with the Penny Lane Deodorant to be a perfect pair. It lasts over nine hours on a regular workday, with exercise it’s closer to four. Therefore I highly recommend this as something to try out if you’re looking for a more natural alternative.

Do you prefer scented or unscented deodorants?

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