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We’re Moving! | TMI

Being a young first time homeowner is becoming increasingly difficult for a lot of millennials; especially with the crazy prices this year when the Toronto housing market was practically on fire and houses were selling for thousands over their asking prices – without home inspections as a condition. Even though we live a fair distance away from Toronto, we were still feeling the heat of the housing market in early spring.

We bought a house!

We’ve been wanting to move into our own place for a little while. Right now we’re renting a semi-detached house and the neighbours attached party like they’re in their 20’s (even though they’re easily in their 40’s.) And the irony is that we are in are 20’s… After growing a bit irritated and feeling like we didn’t have enough space we thought that buying our own home was the next best move. It was just a matter of building the funds to place a deposit on the home.

We definitely would not have been able to afford a house right this instant had it not been for our family members helping to loan us a bit of money (and by us, I mean my Boyfriend! Because my money saving skills are top-notch, really.) Once we found out that I was expecting the pressure was on – we live in a two bedroom right now, but when family wants to come over after the little one is born we would have absolutely no space.

The House Hunt

We started getting serious about looking for a house in early May; we went to the bank to see how much we were pre-approved for and we found a real estate agent to help us find some homes. At that point the housing market was crazy! Houses were selling like hot cakes and even houses that didn’t have For Sale signs were already sold!

We ended up looking at about seven houses in total and placed offers on four of them. Our first offer was won by someone who was offering thousands more without conditions… and so was the second… so was the third.

The house we ended up finding was thanks to being part of our real estate agent’s “drip” as they call it. It’s a list of houses that are emailed to you based on your requirements before they even appear on or other real estate websites. On a Saturday morning I woke up and checked the email, saw the house (that we ended up buying) and told my boyfriend to see if we could book a time to look at it – THAT DAY. Time was of the essence.

Fortunately we were able to go out and see the house that day before there was even a For Sale sign on the property – even though we felt like we had beat others to the punch, we were told that there was already six other people lined up to see the house and they were taking offers that night. It wasn’t even on the market one day!

First Home

The Bidding War

While we were at the house we signed the offer and hoped for the best. Afterwards we headed up to see some family and around dinner time we received a call that they were stuck between our offer and another (we had gone higher than asking price.) So they asked if we wanted to “sweeten our offer” so to speak. We added another five thousand and crossed our fingers again.

Once again we got the call that the offers were so close, but we could get it if we went up a thousand more. So we did. We were lucky that our real estate agent sold us a a young family looking to purchase their first home. Apparently it helped to win the sellers over. (In the end we paid the extra thousand for a bunch of firewood that was not originally included in the listing.)

The Feeling of Relief

We actually got a house! It didn’t really hit me until a few days later; at the time the stress was crazy and we had been let down so many times before I didn’t want to get my hopes up. If we had not fallen in love with the house we definitely would not have gone higher than we originally wanted to – but at the time the market was so hot we had absolutely no choice.

It’s been a month since we went through the bidding war and we got the house. Today we take possession of the keys and we officially have our own very first home! (Here’s hoping the market doesn’t crash anytime soon…)

Moving Day!

Even though we get the house today, we’re going to be doing some painting before we get in. We have our rental until the end of July so we’re going to be slowly moving things in after work for the rest of the month. This means that my presence online is going to be very scarce. Especially because I haven’t packed a single thing! Like really, nothing.

So in summary, this post is to let you know where I am and what I’m doing! It’s going to be a busy couple weeks but I should be back relatively soon.

As for my monthly email list… Yeah my bad. I’m so sorry that you haven’t received anything recently and if you are signed up please don’t leave! I’ll be back soon, it just takes so much time to research and time is  not on my side – the pregnancy fatigue is a real thing my friends.

Tell me, what have you been up to this month!?


  • Congratulation!

  • Ah this is so excited! I can’t imagine living in a whole house that entirely yours… I’m just looking forward to having my own apartment next year!

    xx Pia

  • Congrats, buying your first home is a big step. Of course it is scary and surely was a lot of stress, but nothing beats having a home you are happy with when you have kids.
    We bought our house only a year ago, but we were lucky that it was sold to us from my parents, so there was no bidding war involved. It must be a lot of stress to go through that when you are pregnant and already tired and with your thoughts somewhere else.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • congrats my dear on you purchase it’s as big step. surely moving is too stressful but its worth it
    also check out my blog

  • Congrats on the move! That’s such a huge step, and so exciting too! I know it’s stressful (I was House Hunting last year for uni, and it was stressing me out too) but I can’t wait to see your new home <3

    OH, and I totally feel you on last minute packing. Moving out of my dorm room, I was still packing when the moving car was there hahaha

    with love, Bash   |   HEY BASH

  • Congrats on the new house and on the baby!! What an exciting time 🙂 Glad to hear the bidding war had a happy ending. I’m honestly terrified at the idea of owning real estate… and I don’t think I will be for a long, long time because of the area I live in XD But a gal can dream 😉

    Mili | sharmtoaster

  • reneejessome

    Oh a huge congrats to you!! Buying your first home must be so exciting 🙂 My bf and I are currently discussing whether or not we should start looking into purchasing a home as well (getting so tired of renting!) but it’s so scary to think about haha!

    Renee | Life After Lux

  • Congratulations on the house and the baby, this is all so exciting!!! 😀

  • This is amazing Lindsey – a lot of wonderful things are happening for you – major congrats to you with your new home and a baby on the way!! This is all exciting and would love to know more updated, especially on how you decorate :]


  • Violette

    That’s so exciting! Congrats!

  • Congrats on the house and baby! I think the housing market is so high just about everywhere right now! Saving for that downpayment is the hardest thing in the world to do it seems.

  • Your house warming party is gonna be #LIT. As an interior design graduate, I have high hopes for how you’ll be styling and possibly (eventually) renovating your home LOL. But man, it’s one thing to read about the housing market situation in the paper and another to read about first hand experiences from a buyer. It sounds crazy and intense AF, but congrats guys!

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