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Project Pan Update 1 | 2016

Project Pan 2016 first update

Technically this should have been up in April… but hey, we’re not all perfect (and to be 100% honest I completely forgot about my project pan, oops.) Anyway, because I have pulled these products from the depths of my makeup collection, which isn’t actually all too deep, I have been using them somewhat regularly.

In case you haven’t read my first project pan post I recommend that you check it out because it has swatches of all these products as well! I’m going to do this post in the same order that I did the last one…for consistency.

Eye Shadows

Project Pan First Update Eyeshadows

Unknown Eye Shadow Palette

I’ve barely made a dent in this product – after Bash (from Hey Bash!) told me that sometimes cheap products can have weird ingredients like lead or chicken poop (the latter is an exaggeration…I hope) I’ve been a bit scared to put this on my eyes.

Annabelle Custom Quad

I can only count one time that I’ve used this… and that was for my MOTD #2 . I like the colours but it’s just not something I want to use everyday.

Maybelline Perfect Pastels “Seashore Frost”

Apparently I’m not doing as well as I thought with these darn eye shadows! This is a horrible start. I’ve only used this like two times… So no, this hasn’t gone too far either.

Estee Lauder Palette

Okay, so the other three palettes have little progress. This one on the other hand has been used at least 3 times a week! As you can see it was pretty pristine in my first Project Pan post and now some shades have a little crater. I’ve tried using the blush a couple times but its really hard and makes little difference… I think the blush is a real crap shoot so I’m not going to bother with that anymore. I think I’ll be able to hit pan on this by the end of the year though!


Project Pan First Update Lipsticks

I’ve minimized the lip collection from 6 down to 4. I think that’s pretty darn good… granted I just decided to throw those other lip products in the trash. If there’s a strike, then it’s gone.

Covergirl Outlast Lipstain in “420”

Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush in “Viva Violet”

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in “Aurora”

I’ve worn this a couple times. I find that it peels off kind of funky and makes my lips really dry after wearing it… a really crappy liquid lipstick but I’m going to try and get more use out of it. I doubt that in the summer that will happen, but maybe in Autumn.

Rimmel Moisture Renew lipsticks in “Tulip Pink,” “Sweetheart Tulips,” and “Rose Passion”

I will definitely finish ‘Sweetheart Tulips’ this year! I’ve already used so much and it’s a really nice pink for spring. The other two are a bit vibrant but I have to try at least! I’ve neglected to wear these too much recently as I’ve been loving the MLBB (my lips but better) look.

Face Products

Project Pan First Update Face Products

Vichy ProEven BB Cream in ‘Light’

I’ve been wearing the Vichy BB cream non-stop! I have no idea how there’s still product left! It’s expired now so the SPF isn’t worth it… I’m so determined to finish it up that I can’t bother to just throw it away! After wearing it now I don’t think I will repurchase though – I’ve found that my skin has been looking really oily (yuck.)

Maybelline Baby Skin

When I wear a more full coverage foundation I make a point to wear this below. I can’t say I like it that much… it isn’t bad but it hasn’t won me over either. Seeing as you don’t need to use much it will take a while to finish this one up.

I went from 12 down to 10 products! I haven’t finished anything yet, but hopefully I will be able to start making progress in the next quarter! If anything that darn BB cream might just be thrown out.

How’s your Project Pan going?


  • I’m much better with rotating my products and my project pan has been minimizing my lipstick stash from 200 plus or so to only 90. I destashed A LOT but what I have right now is very workable for me. LOL!

    ps: Did you update your blog layout again? It looks so crisp and clean, love it!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • You have 90 lipsticks?! I have 30 and I thought that was too much LOL. I guess if you vow to wear a different one every day that’s not so bad – and compared to 200 holy! Good job at cutting back!
      Yes, I did update it again haha! I got a bit bored of the last layout and I wanted larger text because it’s easier to read! Thank you 🙂

  • Seriously loving the new header! It’s perfect <3 I envy you for having project pan goals, because I suck at hitting pan. None of my products, except a concealer, has hit pan yet, and I usually have to toss them because they've gone bad. Chicken poop!? I know fish scales are a common ingredient in eyeshadows, but poop?!

    Stephii Mattea xx

    • Thank you! Haha, okay so I might have exaggerated about the chicken poop thing! But basically there could be a slew of unknown things in it LOL (who knows really…)
      Thanks for stopping by, Steph!

      • That’s why I prefer to stick with mainly vegan products, I just can’t fathom or graciously accept the idea of putting gross things on my face, hair or skin. Sadly, vegan products doesn’t mean I’m free from toxic chemicals! Why do they have to use them?

        • That’s a good point – It’s a shame that there’s so much we don’t know about what’s in our products and once you actually look into them you start to wonder why they’d ever be approved!

          • Precisely! I’ve only recently started to use products that have SLS in it because they were a gift, and I dislike the way they make my hair feel 🙁

  • I do remember your first post on Project Pan and was wondering where the series went, haha. I’d say I’ve got a pretty capsule beauty collection (if it even counts, ha!) so I doubt I’ll be starting a project pan any time soon.


    • I fell a bit behind haha! I’ve been trying to create a more concise beauty collection but it can be so hard when you hear about new products that you really want to try! I wish I had the self-control!

  • Love the lipsticks, thank you for sharing!!!


  • You’re doing so well!

  • Alba

    love your pics!

    hi from:

  • I love the Rimmel Apocalips but I never use mine, it’s somewhere in my drawer. Your blog has changed right? Something’s different… but I can’t put my finger on it. I like it very much! X

    Sally – DiagonSally

    • I was the same way! I love the colour but eventually I completely forgot about it too. Yes, I did change it! Thanks Sally 🙂

  • Keep going!! It’s so encouraging once you start seeing progress! I’ve finished off 8 makeup items this year but 4 of them were mascaras 😛 I’ve hit pan now on 3 shadows in my pan that palette project so I’m really excited!

    • Oh wow! That’s awesome. We’re only five months into the year so you’re really off to a great start! 😀

  • you are so amazing to have a project pan dedication…. I’m more of a …project use up the bulky bottles of shampoo, lotions etc person hahaha… and makeup i just………hoard.

    • LOL thanks, I’ve been trying! I agree though, lotions seem to take forever and it feels to good to finally empty a bottle.

  • I can’t bring myself to chuck away my lippies – they are my babies!! Lol x

    ♡ itsjessiejane ♡

  • Bernadette
  • I have two lip products that are almost finished, but as they were winter colors, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Other than that I have hit pan on my TBS bronzer and finished a foundation earlier this year.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • Oh nice! I feel like it would take forever to hit pan on a bronzer (but it must be that good!) Great job!

      • It is the only one I own, and I have been using it for over a year now. And it is just a small bit of pan showing, but nevertheless, I am proud.

  • Kay (shoesandglitter)

    This is such a fun idea for a blog series!! I had no idea that cheap eyeshadows can contain… chicken poop….?! Oh my gosh, one more reason to stick to my high-end stuff haha. That’s horrendous! Also, I really love the palette name ‘Seashore Frost’… There is just something enchanting about it, and I think the colours look super pretty! <3 And ugh, I haven't had any luck with the Baby Skin range… Their lip balms are pretty awful, also! <3


    • Haha okay – the chicken poop is an exaggeration! I can’t verify they do, but I just wanted to make a point about weird ingredients LOL. I agree, the Baby Lips Balms are pretty horrible! And the primer is very very silicony.

  • I’m excited to see if the primer will win you over eventually. I’m about 70% done my face powder!

    Maria | Pink Petals

    • It’s a tough call! I have huuuuge pores LOL and I need a miracle product to fill them in. Almost there with your face powder – eee! Keep it up 🙂

  • Keep working at that project pan! The lipsticks look great for summer – rock those brights lady!

  • Ehhhh Lead??? Why do companies do this??? 🙁 A shaddy AF supplement company in the fitness industry has been called out recently and a little part of it being that tests showed that there was lead in their products 🙁 Totally rooting for Sweetheart Tulips! 😉

    • RIGHT!? You can never be too careful. That’s horrible – especially in the fitness industry where people are trying to better themselves and probably practicing a much healthier lifestyle!

  • Woohoo good progress! Good job for not hoarding the lipsticks, sometimes I want to chuck it, then I look at it and go aww but you’re so pretty nvm. I have an annabelle quad too that I got bored of..and just chucked it too :/

    • Thanks Whitney! Hahaha, right? I’ve done that a lot (which is why I’ve had these Rimmel products for sooo long!) I found that the eye shadows in the Annabelle palette have begun to dry up a bit and got kind of chunky… I’ll probably end up tossing it as well tbh

  • Yiotou_La

    I used to purchase lots of products (cheap products) from eastern coutries years back when I didn’t know about makeup and skincare products, but I watched a video on youtube that stated the dangers and all the harmful ingredients that are used (like lead and mercury). I threw them all away and never purchased another un-branded product.


    • Ahhh – this is exactly what I was thinking! Considering it didn’t come with an ingredient list… I think I just might have to toss it. I don’t want unknown products on my precious eyes!


    I think I’ve said it before. I really, really need to do this with my HUGE makeup collection…Even though I just bought a shitton of makeup a few days ago but oh well. Though I love makeup, I tend to stick to certain products and ignore the rest. Rather than attempting to finish it, maybe it will help me get more creative in my makeup.

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

    • Hahaha – it’s okay! I forgive you 😉

      Perhaps you could try something like a quarterly rotation? You know kind of switching things around in your makeup collection depending on the seasons in order to help keep the cycle going and hopefully use up products/ rediscover ones that you used to love and fell by the wayside!

  • This is a really good idea the makeup world can really suck you into having just too much! Also, throw aways the eyeshadows if you feel uncomfortable using them now <3 No judging ~

    Passion Blog |

    • Definitely! It’s crazy how quickly these products can pile up without us realizing it! I’m definitely contemplating tossing it haha!
      Thanks for the comment, Bea! 🙂

  • Project pan is such a good idea! I really need to do this myself! And good job on using up two products! 🙂

  • I’m a big fan of Maybelline Baby Skin. It does wonders on my skin! I have yet to try other products since i’m into makeup lately. Thanks for sharing, Lindsey. <3

    – Joyce |

  • Bernadette

    I definitely need to start a project pan.

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