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Welcome to Sustainably Savvy!

Here you’ll find ‘what’s in my makeup?’ A series of posts which dives deep into the ingredients that are within our makeup and what they are used for. The “What’s in my Makeup” series aims to promote knowledge of the many harmful chemicals that consumers know nothing about while providing an honest review.

You’ll also find weekly lifestyle posts about things that interest me – including living naturally and design.

Sustainably Savvy is open to PR samples, please see the disclaimer page for more information, and click here for my most up to date media kit.

About the Author:

Who is Lindseyginge

Hi! My name is Lindsey Elyse, born and raised Canadian with a love for beauty and nature. I’ve lived in three provinces throughout my short 20-something years and I’ve seen a lot of the natural beauty that Canada has to offer. Although I now live in Ontario, my heart resides in the East coast with the sound of the ocean waves.

In June 2016 I graduated with a Baccalaureate degree in Interior Design, something that has been a dream of mine since I was a young girl drawing floor plans with crayons.

I’ve always been a very active person – throughout childhood I participated in Soccer, Track and was on a competitive Synchronized Swimming team. Recently, I’ve become more interested in Running, Yoga and plenty of Hiking!

Gardening is one of my favourite hobbies and I like to believe that I have a bit of a green thumb. When I am in nature, I am in my element. On warm summer nights I am dreaming of camping (the real camping with a tent and a sleeping bag on the hard ground.)

Since I was a young girl, I’ve had an invested interest in the environment and adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle. If it wasn’t through school teaching us about our carbon footprint or insisting we recycle, then it was during Summer camps where I spent the whole day in nature learning about different species, becoming an eco-guardian and learning tricks about surviving in the wild. I’m your go-to girl to build an A-frame from grapevine! 

I currently co-own two beautiful (spoiled) puppies with my boyfriend, Justin. Akira is our Siberian Husky which we adopted from the Humane Society and Charlie is our Chocolate Lab. They’re both full of love and require plenty of walks!

Who is lindseyginge

who is lindseyginge


If you’d like to get to know me a little bit better, or have a chat you can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or email me at!


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